My Wedding…and the cake!

January 23, 2017

After the first look

Hi guys, over the past New Year’s Eve, I GOT MARRIED! Not only did I plan a wedding with my husband, I decided to also make my own 8-tiered wedding cake! The wedding day was full of laugher, happy tears, Baijiu*, champagne, way-too-much food, and dancing our butts off until the next morning. I was too busy posing for the perfect New Year’s Eve kiss that I forgot to watch the ball drop over the live TV screen on the dance floor – yuck! Can you believe it, that I have NEVER seen it (in-person or online) despite of the 6 years living in Manhattan. Anyways, as I definitely still need another month to recover from the wedding craziness, I think it’s time to tell you more about it! (*Baijiu is a Chinese alcohol made of grain that is 100+ proof, and yummy in my opinion, see picture below)

Baijiu and whisky to keep us warm

I guess I was one of those girls who suck at planning her own wedding. Thanks to my fiancé, he helped secure a venue, a church, and a photographer a year in advance. When it was my turn, I basically procrastinated until the last month to straighten the rest out, with A LOT OF help from my mother-in-law. In summary, I suck at it. Not sure who can be worse than me, but if you think you are like me, make sure you get a lot of help!

Our church for the ceremony

Nevertheless, we had a blast “ringing” (like, literally the bling bling) in the New Year. As much as I don’t trust anyone when it comes to handling my cakes, as the bride, I was forced to learn how to delegate. So I made my mom in charge of assembling the 8 tiered cake the day of the wedding. Not sure if I should say that she is a natural, or I should say now I understand where I get my good cake genes from, my mom did a FABULOUS job! Despite that she has no background in baking or handling cakes, she single-handedly assembled my wedding cake, in addition to helping me make and arrange the sugar flowers. I will always cherish the nights making the sugar flowers with my mom for this special cake!

My homemade wedding cake!

The cake was a classic white cake, filled with French buttercream with fresh strawberry puree – the groom’s all-time favorite.  The cake is covered in roses which are the flowers in my bouquet, as well a few white lilies and baby’s breath. The middle tier cake is embellished with a fondant plague that shows our intertwined initials “P” and “L”. The plague is then framed with a gold rosette border made of fondant and painted with edible gold highlight, which took me a looooong time to make – all worth it for sure!

Yes more noise please! It’s NYE!

Surrounded by Chinese lions and a red hola hoop


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